PhD - Jevan Pipitone (2018)

As at 2018sep4 there is no progress being made towards my PhD since I have not been re-admitted to the program when I enquired about resuming it.

2013 Semester 1

I submitted the following research proposal which gained me successful entry into the PhD at University of Canberra.
Research Proposal UC Jevan Pipitone (2013may18).pdf

2013 Semester 2

  1. File carving

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  3. Talks Attended at University of Canberra

2014 Semester 1

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    Google search - types of machine learning algorithms ayodele filetype:pdf
    (2018aug8) Types of Machine Learning Algorithms
  2. Software by Jevan Pipitone - Determine HTML Order

2014 Semester 2

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  2. Assignments by Jevan Pipitone
  3. Software by Jevan Pipitone - Image Prog
    This software is experimenting with various methods for possible prediction of whether an image has been correctly put back together or not, when various "bits" were put together as part of file carving to try and reconstruct a file from its various portions on a hard disk. This is because one of the problems is that we need some way of knowing if a reconstruction is correct or not, in order to try something else if it's not correct.

2015 Semester 1

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  3. Assignments by Jevan Pipitone

2015 Semester 2

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  3. ANU Research Training - University of Canberra PhD students can go

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